About Khadija 
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Hi! I'm Khadija Muzaffar.

I'm a journalist, photographer and musician from Lahore, Pakistan. I've written a lot about music and musicians, both in Pakistan specifically, as well as internationally. I also like to write about culture, history and food (and sometimes even the history and culture of food). 

I'm a Fulbright Scholar, and am currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism at NYU, with a concentration in magazine writing. I did my undergraduate from the Lahore School of Economics, with a double major in Economics and Political Science. I have a really strong interest in post-colonial theory and south asian history, and my thesis was actually on the manipulation of language by the British in colonial India. 

I've alway been drawn to story-telling, be it through written word in the form of an essay, poem or song; or through the visual medium as a photograph or video; or even through music. I've found journalism to be the most noble outlet for my inner story-teller, as I get to be the vessel that brings other peoples' stories to life, and to me, there is nothing more poetic. 


In addition to writing and making music, I like to watch a lot of YouTube, mostly food videos or mukbangs. You can follow me on Twitter (@khadijamuzaffar) or on Instagram (@khadijasayshi). 



email: khadijamuzaffar_95@yahoo.com


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