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 About Khadija 
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I'm a journalist, photographer and academic from Lahore, Pakistan. I write about music, film, food, society and culture. My work has appeared in local and international publications such as V Magazine, Dawn and Yabangee. 

I have a masters degree in journalism from New York University, where I was a Fulbright scholar. Since then, I have worked as the lifestyle and culture editor at The Friday Times, and am currently teaching a freshman course on writing and communication at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. 

I've always been fond of telling stories, and have tested out many different mediums for that purpose, from making my own music, to writing poetry to making art. As long as I'm telling a story, be it my own 

or someone else's, I am content, no matter what the format ends up being. One secret about me though? I love to write, but I enjoy being on the editorial side just a little bit more.


When procrastinating the task of actually writing something, I can be found watching unhealthy amounts of YouTube, playing video games, or falling into internet rabbit-holes. Social media gives me anxiety, but I can be found on Twitter (@khadijamuzaffar) and Instagram (@khadijasayshi).


For queries, freelance opportunities or editing rates, please email me at:


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